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Tennis Rules

Sign-Up Procedures:

1. Courts may not be reserved in advance.
2. All guests must be registered at the Tennis Club and pay applicable guest fees prior to play and must be accompanied by the Host-member.
3. A court may only be entered for play when all of the players in the game are present and ready to play.
4. All players must be listed on the board showing the court being played on and the time play started.
5. Doubles games are allotted one hour and a half and singles games one hour unless no one is waiting for a court.
6. If all the courts are being used, the players are to put their names on a waiting list. As courts become available, they will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis, according to the sign-up on the waiting list. When the players' court becomes available, they are to erase their names from the waiting list.
7. Juniors, 14 and under, are allowed to use the courts for only one hour unless there is no one waiting for a court.


1. Children and adults must wear all white attire for interclub matches and tournaments.
2. At all other times, whites are encouraged, but not required. All players must wear proper tennis attire.
3. Tennis shoes are required at all times. No running shoes or sandals are allowed on the courts.

Court Rules:

1. No play is allowed on the Har-Tru courts before 8:00a.m.
2. Be considerate of others in the area and keep in mind court courtesy:
• Return balls to neighboring courts.
• Do not enter courts during play.
• Do not use profanity or make excessive noise.
3. Help keep the courts and surrounding areas clean of debris by using the on court trashcans. Please don't litter.
4. When play is completed, players are to sweep the Har-Tru courts to ensure optimal playing surface.
5. Sports drinks are not allowed on the Omni Courts to protect the carpet from stains.
6. Courts are for tennis play only.
7. Dogs are not allowed on the courts.

Rules for End of Season Tournaments:

1. All participants must have paid their dues and other fees owed prior to the beginning of the tournaments.
2. Only active members are eligible to play in tournaments.
3. Tiebreakers are to be used in year-end tournaments in all sets.
4. 12 & Under (Both Boys and Girls)- The player must be less than 13 years old on Labor Day of that year.
5. 16 & Under (Both Boys and Girls)- The player must be less than 17 years old on Labor Day of that year.
6. Women's & Men's Doubles Club Championships- The players must be 17 years or older on Labor Day of that year. There shall be no requirement for minimum combined ages of doubles partners.
7. Men's and Women's Seniors- The players must be 60 years old or older on Labor Day of that year.

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