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beachtshirtThe Fenway beach can have at least two prominent "rip" currents (one along the jetty the other a little to the left of the middle of the ocean when looking out from the beach), that under certain conditions can quickly sweep swimmers out away from the beach. It is always a good habit to scan the water before entering as rips can be discerned by the amount of churn and relatively sandy color of the rip current (almost a corridor) moving away from the beach. Anyone caught in a rip current should signal the lifeguards, remain calm, and attempt to swim parallel to the beach until they break-out of the out-going force of the current.

Fenway beach also has a rocky jetty that can cause injury should swimmers get to close (please heed the lifeguards if they whistle or wave you away from the direction of the jetty) and one or two very large submerged rocks in the middle of the beach area that can cause injury from any type of surfing or boogie board activity. The best safety tip is to be aware of these locations (we hope to have a diagram inserted to make this clear) and avoid them if at all possible.

In the above conditions the guards may set red flags on the beach to limit the width of the beach relative to safe swimming conditions. Don't hesitate to ask the guards if there is anything you are uncertain about.

Parents should also be aware that the larger rocks in the water can cause a suctioning type current that may pose a danger to small children, depending on the tide and waves. For parents of small children, please be aware of their activity on the beach. It should also be noted, based upon the experiences of other beach communities nearby, that small children playing in holes dug into the sand can also pose a hazard due to the potential of the walls to collapse. Accordingly, please be aware and please to fill in any meaningful size holes that could present such a hazard (these holes also pose a hazard at night for those strolling the beach). The guards have been instructed to look for potentially hazardous situations of this type and to fill in holes as needed. To the extent you can fill in any holes that you dig -- it would be appreciated.

While not a complete list, these items are a focus of the guards and your help in keeping the beach safe is important and much appreciated as conditions can change rapidly (including summer thunderstorms) and things can happen quickly.

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